Advanced Technology Online Printing Portal For Regional Victoria

In today’s fast paced advanced world people more and more expect to have access to the most recent cutting edge resources where they can research, gain quotes and order online. People demand an infinite array of options, rapid turnaround, great prices and a finished product of the most supreme level of finish. When it comes to ordering printed product online The Print Shop Online can deliver such a scenario from our state of the art online print platform giving you access to the very best range of print services backed up by the support of industry professionals to help you if you have unique requirements or need assistance placing your online print order. And East Geelong is no different!

Knowing the vastness of the Australian landscape where anything outside the big cities receives the maximum cost, excessive delivery times and the minimal choice The Print Shop Online set about to change this inconvenience to our regional population by building an online print system aimed specifically to regional businesses and residents that presents a premium range of print products along with very competitive pricing which includes delivery to your door anywhere in Australia especially in East Geelong.

Why is The Print Shop Online better than any of the other online print portal?

  • Our Online Print Shop is designed to supporting Australian regional businesses and residents.
  • The founders and owners of our Online Print Shop are regional business owners, have a family in a regional community and live the regional lifestyle.
  • The Print Shop Online understands the every day issues regional businesses and residents experience.
  • The Print Shop Online deliver premium print services produced in Australia across a national network of quality printing hubs and include in their pricing, delivery to your door anywhere in Australia.

We live in Regional Australia, we have a Regional business, we are active members in our Regional community, we support Regional businesses and we love the Regional Australian lifestyle.

Presenting an advanced online print and design portal that is completely founded, fostered, and focused in regional Australia

Since we opened our business way back in 2007, we have assisted thousands of regional Businesses, Not for Profits, Government Agencies and Individuals to look Brilliant in Print and we are delighted to be able to offer the businesses and public in East Geelong this incredible cost-effective and professional platform. We are 100% regionally owned and operated, and because we only promote our services to small cities and towns with populations around 50,000 or less, you can be assured that as a regional business or individual, you are our number one priority!

Dealing with a family owned regional print company, doesn’t mean that you need to compromise on something…

Along with our experienced print team, you’ll be dealing directly with owners and company founders.

And that means, we are ready to be compared to and challenged against Price – Range – Turnaround Time – Service offered by any other Australian print service. We are ecstatic to work with businesses and individuals in East Geelong!

Common Misconceptions Debunked About Online Print Shops

Myth #1: You're not going to get quality customer service

If you’ve shopped for anything online, you know that customer service is one of the first things to suffer. Call for assistance, and you’ll get long hold times that often lead to inept sales reps who never answer your questions – and often not call you back. Who really needs it right? Alternatively you could spend the extra money and visit your local printer who you can talk to face to face? Well, the truth is, in the online print world – you really don’t have to put up with poor service! It’s as easy as knowing where to shop and who to ask. With highly motivated sales teams that follow your project from start to finish – companies like The Print Shop Online have customer ratings that often exceeds that of local printers anywhere. Don’t be jaded by poor experiences, and let that force you to miss all the opportunity that printing online has to give.

Myth #2: You need to be a technical wizard to succeed

Our online print portal is super easy to navigate and understand, you don’t need to be a tech master mind and submitting a printing order is as simple as 1,2,3
The reality is online print shops typically have more resources than local printers to augment files, and prepare them for print. Take advantage of their assets.

Myth #3: You're not going to get professional design services

The Print Shop Online has an immense choice of pre-stocked design templates that are free, and easy to use. You can easily edit one of our existing design templates and make it your own. If you are in need of a unique design then you can get our no-hassle professional design team to work with you to create it, no matter where in Australia you are.

Myth #4: You don’t know how it will turn out

A major myth surrounding online printing is that you submit your image and specs – and it’s done, no turning back. What comes out the other end of the pipe is what you get – with no recourse. Certainly, that would put anybody off from the process! But don’t let the poor practices of a few ruin your expectations for all online printers. The Print Shop Online will always supply you with a “Proof” that you must approve as your final product before anything is produced on a mass scale. Why not benefit from the attention to detail that comes from a team of experienced experts who are all dedicated to the success of your print job? For starters you only have to read honest reviews from our customers to see we care about the print service we provide.

Myth #5: You can’t guarantee the best results

We only exist because of the quality of our products and the value our customers receive. If you are not 100% delighted with your order, then please contact us and explain what your concern is. Whilst we can’t guarantee (without understanding what went wrong) that we’ll reprint at no cost, we can assure you that we’ll do our very best to put things right and to earn your business again.

What can the East Geelong public expect from our printing?


The proof is in the pricing (so please check us out)! Our buying power is huge!
And we pass that onto you through exceptional prices without reducing quality.


Even this vast online print portal showcases only a portion of what we offer.
If you can’t find what you want, just ask us! We’re sure to say Yes!

Turnaround Time

Getting it printed and delivered FAST, right across the nation, is what we’re known for!
    And… All our online prices are Freight Inclusive!


Our guess is you can count on one hand the really great service experiences you’ve had in the past 12 months.
Try us, Just once, (You’ll need another hand)!

Here's just a taster of what you can order online right now in East Geelong ..


Many clients will happily include another branded accessory to their refrigerator to assist keep kids's art work notices and tips in place. Once your promotional refrigerator magnet earned that place of pride in the kitchen area your business contacts will have a day-to-day pointer of your company's name and services. Are you trying to find a way to market your company in East Geelong without intruding on the consumer? If so, look no more than customised printed magnets in Australia. With many options readily available when it comes to this advertising item, you'll find you can acquire a vast array of magnets to fulfill the requirements of your customers, suppliers, partners, and staff members with ease. Moreover, if you really desire your marketing products to stand out, select specialty magnets in numerous shapes. They are sure to get discovered anywhere they are shown, and your company gets the attention you seek. Regardless of the market, magnets can be of help. In addition, people typically like to show these magnets in a prominent place, particularly uncommon or interesting ones. Keep this in mind when choosing which magnets to purchase for excellent results.

Teardrop Banner Flags

When you want to grab the attention of customers in East Geelong either at your shop or at an occasion, put a pleased tear in their eye with our Australian Made, Quick Turn-around Teardrop Banners. Initially called the Flying Banner, this style of banner flag is now typically referred to as a teardrop banner, teardrop flag or even a wing banner. Teardrop Banners are the most popular shape for marketing flags for 2 essential factors: The shape ensures that the fabric is always tight. This decreases flapping flags withstand. Less flapping equates to less fraying. This in addition to the sun is the primary opponent of marketing flags. The teardrop shape likewise implies that your branding remains noticeable no matter what the conditions. Teardrop Banners perfect for both indoor and outside events. The inverted shape of Teardrop Banners pushes most of your branding higher up the banner for enhanced visibility. As a result, if you desire high-visibility marketing the teardrop flag is the best advertising flag for you. Moreover, a True Double Sided Print increases your exposure even further. Easy to use, lasting and visually attractive-- it's no mystery why the teardrop banner is one of our best sellers. Print Shop Teardrop Flags ... Great Looking, Portable, Strong and Super Easy to Assemble ... Simply Perfect!

Vinyl Banners

Vinyl Banners are an ideal, inexpensive method to promote your neighborhood event in East Geelong, your sale or your company in general. Made from resilient vinyl banner product and printed with full colour digital latex printing, outdoor banners make a big declaration at a low price. Much better still, if you require more than one banner we charge no extra if you want to have various artwork on each banner bought! When correctly secured and looked after, you'll get long term use out of your banners, making them ideal for longer events or repeat yearly sales. Extremely understand for durability and cost, these vinyl banners would be the optimum solution for outside promotions and advertising. Be it harsh sunlight, rains, or heavy winds; highly long lasting vinyl banners would always be undamaged at their location to show up your brand name communication. Not simply one however adequate jobs can be fulfilled with personalised vinyl banners, namely, realty promos, open home announcements, brand name or item launch, press conferences, mega-events, retail events, art, music, and home entertainment, automotive & transport, and lots more avenues are on the list to include utmost sophistication and attraction to your brand interaction.


In the age of mobile phones and calendar apps, a paper calendar with your brand name logo design on it is still in high demand by your customers and potential customers. Impress your customers around East Geelong. Because printed calendars still work, why not take advantage of what's currently working as you promote your business? Printed calendars can be found in all sizes and shapes to suit your requirements. Wall calendars are still the most popular style, and in the house, are most likely to be discovered in the kitchen. For a fast and easy fix, select a calendar with stock images and just drop in your logo design to a pre-existing template. For manufacturing, construction and other commercial fields, a span a year calendar makes a terrific year end gift, too. If you truly wish to make your calendar shine, use your own images for each month. (This is a fantastic method to include vouchers, promote seasonal offerings or perhaps note important dates that pertain to your organisation!) Other popular designs consist of day coordinators, followed by desk calendars.

Card Brochures (Scored)

Pamphlets are promotional files, mainly utilised to present a business, organisation, product and services and inform prospective customers or members of the public of the benefits. Looking to intensify your next huge marketing campaign in East Geelong? Sales brochures and Flyers are a time evaluated lead generator for your business. Not just for letterboxes, you can slip them in almost anything. Attempt including a flyer in with your product packaging to promote a sale or discount coupon, the possibilities are unlimited if we take parallel universe theory into factor to consider. Maximise High-Quality, Organised Brochure Printing - Brochure printing is part of every effective marketing project. Hand out brochures at conventions, highlight information about your new collection, or include them with every new customer purchase. They are a reliable, flexible, and budget friendly marketing tool.

Desk & Notepads

Whether you're a small company simply starting or a large business in East Geelong with a reputable portfolio of services and products, branded desk pads and notepads are ensured to assist you improve your brand name identity. A big desk pad is terrific for writing down notes while you're on the phone, seeing dates and occasions at a glimpse and for normally remaining organised! Along with protecting the desk surface, desk pads are a marketing chance for your organisation, displayed on the desks of personnel, customers and clients. Notepads are an economical method to get your service name into work environments and homes. Custom made notepads are perfect as gifts and for giveaways at conferences, events and meetings. Unlike toys and stickers, they're quickly practical and are much less likely to be discarded!


The greatest benefit of organisation envelopes is that it serves as a surprise advertising tool. Your envelope can rapidly communicate its brand name message, colour, logo design, etc. This will assist your brand name stand out from other letters that your target audience get. Custom Envelope Printing in East Geelong - It is always funny what parts of an organization protrude in a client's memory, and more often not it's the smaller sized, physical marketing touches which do a lot for the perception of your business and your brand. So envelopes are among the way to secure the branding. Include the finishing touches to your business with our custom-made envelopes for extra personality and trigger. Be at the front of your clients and consumers mind even prior to they read what you need to state.

Bow Banner Flags

When you wish to get the attention of clients in East Geelong either at your shop or at an occasion, create some WOW with a BOW! Our Australian Made, Fast Turn-around Bow Banners come printed in single or double sided and are offered in Small, Medium, Large and OMG Jumbo sizes! Bow Banner Flags are a reliable and attractive method to get customers attention and the attention of passers-by. They come total with the print, pole and carry bag and you can easily select an extra base to keep your flag sturdy when submitting an online order. Perfect for outdoor usage, store fronts, sports ovals and advertising any company, they are developed for long term outdoor usage and printed in high resolution. Print Shop Bow Banner Flags ... Great Looking, Portable, Strong and Super Easy to Assemble ... Simply Perfect!


The date is set and now you are charged with spreading the word about your event. But, what kind of invitation will catch their eye, and most notably, be appropriate for the occasion? We can assist you develop the perfect invitation that will make your special event the talk of East Geelong. Invite printing is the very best way to draw in participants to a service or social event, whether you're hosting a seminar, a baby shower, a spiritual event, a wedding, a birthday party or anything else that needs an event of fantastic individuals. All invites are not produced equivalent, and printing your own personalised invitations is an exceptional method to demonstrate importance and prestige for your event.

Folded Brochures (Paper)

You can tactically place sales brochures in a wide array of areas. This enables your company to relay positive and precise information to more people and bring in brand-new clients in East Geelong. It's easy to place pamphlets in advertising free gifts you send out through the mail or on tables in your workplace. Sales Brochures DL - A4 size sheets creased & folded down to DL 210mm x 99mm in either roll fold (typical) or z-fold. These sales brochures are compact and flexible giving 6 panels to create sections with and predetermined your businesses message in a fun and information-packed way. Having 6 printed pages provides your design choices that a full A4 sheet does not. It is also able to be shown in stands that hold DL sized product. We print both sides of the A4 sheet on 150gsm gloss or matt paper. This is a great weight that is not too light but stable enough to keep in the hand. These popular DL sales brochures give your business 6 pages to keep the attention of your reader and sell your message.

Flat Flyers & Cards

While social media certainly has its benefits in assisting to promote events and generate some awareness and create a buzz around them, it's likewise important to keep in mind some of the tried and evaluated marketing techniques that have been utilised for years. One such technique is direct marketing and using leaflets to promote your event. The Print Shop Online uses a fantastic selection of varying sizes and materials for your leaflets and cards and are a fantastic method to target your audience. When you're trying to find a cost-effective way to target your audience in East Geelong, a flyer on paper or card is the best option. A4 leaflets are a vital part of the advertising mix for companies, occasion organisers, sporting and neighborhood groups and product supervisors. That's why we provide complete colour single and double sided printing, premium matt and gloss paper, card stocks and 2 impressive 100% recycled alternatives.

Marketing & POS

Whether you run a retail store or a quick-service restaurant, the checkout experience plays an incredibly important function in the success of your organisation. Apart from being the point at which purchases are made, it's likewise an opportunity for clients to engage with your brand and for you to grow your company. Point of Sale Displays & Signage in East Geelong - The Print Shop Online can create stunning Point of Sale displays or POS screens & signage to get your clients attention. Attention grabbing POS advertising show signs throughout your shop will permit you to construct your brand and make sales. From aisle signs to hanging banners, flooring decals and turn up indications (to name a few), point of sale display screens & shop decor can be developed in a range of material in any shape and size. We can either print your designs, or we have in house designers who can develop POS signage visual ideas & style your custom-made point of sale screens from scratch.

NCR Docket Books

Utilised by trades, corporations and not-for-profits alike, carbonless forms keep everything organised, compliant and running efficiently. NCR or No Carbon Required paper is a kind of layered paper developed to move info tape-recorded on the very first sheet to those beneath. It changes the unpleasant blue carbon paper used to make many copies. From order books to invoice pads in East Geelong, The Print Shop Online can offer you the ideal service. For many businesses, NCR service forms such as Carbonless Duplicate and Carbonless Triplicate books and order pads, are an important method of providing customers with quotes and at the same time, maintaining your organisation records.

Safety & Service Tags

Safety and Service Tags in East Geelong - Safety and warning tags are utilised to notify and warn workers before utilising devices, equipment and/or procedure. Warning and safety tags are likewise used to manage and keep an eye on devices maintenance and production. Security and alerting tags are utilised to notify and warn personnel before utilising equipment, machinery and/or procedure. The Out of Service tags suggest a piece of equipment that is not to be used until the nominated part has actually been repaired. Out of service tags do not replace or mean the same as risk tags. If an item is unusable or hazardous or if it's continued use would cause more damage or develop a threat. Safety tags are used to prevent accidents in harmful or possibly harmful scenarios that are out of the common, unforeseen, or not readily evident. Tags will be used until the determined threat is removed or the harmful operation is completed.

Take 5 Books & Covers

Take 5 Books and Covers in East Geelong - The easy to use book is created to be finished by all employees prior to beginning a potentially dangerous job. The Take 5 book guides the worker through 5 plainly defined actions to assist identify, then control any prospective dangers. The Take 5 for security program is a helpful guide for helping all industrial workers handle dominating dangers in the workplace with care, permitting your on-site staff members to do their task safely for their benefit and the business's. Take 5 books supply a clearly specified step-by-step treatment indicating what workers ought to carry out in the occasion of workplace risks. By making this practice the backbone of your precaution, you'll have an easy procedure to considerably minimize the risk of mishaps within the website.

Presentation Folders

Presentation Folders in East Geelong - Presentation folders can make things much easier for your potential customers by giving them one single bundle which contains a substantial amount of your essential information. By arranging your products in a pre-packaged folder, you're able to control their experience when they're browsing. You can help them find your service and its services in the best possible order, without overwhelming them. Being a brand ourselves, we comprehend the value of conveying a sense of style and professionalism. It's crucial to make that impression count and to be constant with your visual appeals. All your interaction ought to be finished with class and idea. Presentation folders are the perfect way to make that declaration and practically speaking, convenient for keeping all your info cool and tidy. The Print Shop Online provides presentation folders fit for any purpose-- Proposals, welcome packs, advertising packs, media kits and presentation tools. A lot of the innovative options we offer for our business cards and sticker labels are up for grabs with presentation folders too. Matt and gloss finishes, foils and a whole variety of folder formats and sizes.

Plastic Membership Cards

Plastic Cards in East Geelong - Plastic cards are extremely effective tools for numerous usages in marketing, branding, interaction, transfer of value, recognition and registration. Plastic cards are durable, can be cut into different shapes and colours, and can accommodate several brand-new innovations to boost branding, presence, durability, security and sustainability. Significant advantage plastic card printing has over paper counterparts is that plastic lasts for an extended amount of time. An individual can save them in a wallet without fretting about the card being ripped. If the card is cleaned, it comes out in the very same condition it was in before it went in the washer. Spill something on the card and merely wash it off, or users can throw it in a drawer and know it will be waiting when the information on the card is needed. The card holds up with time even when it isn't dealt with thoroughly. The same can not be said of paper cards. Custom-made printed membership cards are durable, useful, and useful for a variety of organisation purposes. Whether you're searching for a method to produce membership cards for your clients or you 'd like to produce a commitment program or a benefits card, these cards are the ideal option. You can even customise them to fulfill your precise needs. We can assist you make sure the cards are precisely what you're trying to find.


Custom Signs & Sign Printing in East Geelong - Need customers & customers to pay more attention to your store front, product or services to get increased sales? The basic response is signage. The only tough part is deciding which custom signs option will be the best option for your organisation and what graphics will work best for the delivery of your message to your target audience. Typically, signs tends to serve a few typical functions: to promote, determine, provide info, provide instructions or to raise safety awareness. When beginning a business, among the crucial visual components you need to think about, following your branding design, is producing an appealing sign for your service. Indications are not only useful tools however they can likewise end up being a visual and inanimate salesperson for your business. There are many different types of structure indications, such as reception signs, business logo design signs, neon indications, shopfront indications and more. Building indications are important for all East Geelong organisations wanting to reach a new client base. Efficient structure signs with a strong design not only communicate your store front place and organisation message, it likewise will say something about your brand presence and the high standard of service you offer to all passers-by and get their attention.

Small Quantity Printing

Brief run printing (likewise referred to as "print on demand") is nearly obvious. It's a design of printing that utilises modern digital printing devices to be able to make smaller sized "test" amounts of brief run brochures, calendars, pamphlets, and more. Believe it or not, this style of printing just became affordable rather recently with the enhancement in digital printing innovation. Brief Run Printing in East Geelong - The Print Shop Online provides its customers the convenience of getting their printing tasks at the approach that will be most ideal on their requirement. This company that has been in the business since 1985 has grown together with the innovation and adjusted to the modifications in the printing industry. It provides the standard digital printing online services that has been relied on by many individuals through the years to come up with constant and long lasting printouts. But if it's short run printing that you prefer, The Print Shop Online also has the state of the art digital printers to accommodate such request. These digital presses are most similar to its offset printers. By going digital, you are ensured of 95% precision in colours as this type of printers is calibrated every day. By getting short run printing services from The Print Shop Online, you need not fulfill a minimum number for your orders. You can get the products at the quantity that you require. And this will be done at the very same quality of complete colour printing strategies. This is cost effective and you will not have the concern of obtaining more materials than what you require. With brief run digital printing, you can also get variable data services. This means that you can customise your materials to suit your every client's preference. Common examples of short run printing includes posters, artist canvas, vinyl banners, adhesive back and window stick. However more than that, you can likewise obtain digital printing services for other materials like sales brochures, postcards and leaflets.


Your stationery is your image. Like it or not, people evaluate you. If your letterheads look sloppy, they'll presume your work is too. If your logo design looks dated they'll figure your service is out of touch. If your stationery is home-made, they'll stress that your company is your hobby and you're not serious. Severely developed stationery might cost you a lot more than well created and well crafted things. Make a positive impression and send your correspondence on professionally printed A4, one, 2 or full colour company letterheads. Stationery Printing in East Geelong - Letterheads, compliment slips, note pads. Here at The Print Shop Online, we understand what a distinction good printing and attention to detail can make to your business's reputation. It's the details, like well printed personalised stationery, that will set you apart from the rest. Personalise your stationery by putting your unique brand name on paper. Your unique design and persona will be on display screen, as well as your precision and care. It's things like this that immediately offers the impression you are a powerful force - you're a business who is professional and reliable. Structure your brand name and credibility as a business can be carried out in a number of methods and this is one of them. Each time you send a letter, an invitation, a memo or a follow up note, you are putting your name out there. Having a recognisable logo or visual will create interest in your brand name and help it to become more recognisable.

Stickers & Labels

Stickers and labels can often be an underused tool when it comes to promoting your service. For lots of companies, stickers can sometimes appear to look cheap and in turn this may be thought to cheapen your brand. But this isn't constantly the case, when you purchase quality sticker labels and labels, you can do a lot for your brand name and your marketing. Are you looking for cool name labels for a conference or your next kid's birthday celebration? Do you need barcodes and labels for those thousands of products sitting in your storage facility, or for your next fruit and vegetables and product packaging order? Look no further, we've got what you need. Our stock printing types for sticker labels in East Geelong are as follows: Paper label stickers East Geelong - Paper label stickers are the most typical demand from clients purchasing sticker label printing in Perth. This kind of sticker must just be utilised inside your home as it's not weatherproof or fades resistant. For outside purposes, choose the permanent vinyl sticker labels which are extremely fades resistant and offer waterproof properties. Detachable Vinyl Stickers East Geelong - Removable vinyl stickers have a light adhesive. You can normally remove these stickers without destroying them for approximately 6 months. In rougher climate condition, the sticker label may only last for three months prior to it damages. Removable vinyl stickers will catch wear and tear when used outdoors, which indicates they'll naturally strip apart in time. This alternative is ideal for seasonal use, while the next alternative will accommodate any long-lasting requirements. Irreversible Vinyl Stickers East Geelong - For major outside purposes, opt for the long-term vinyl stickers which are very fades resistant and offer water resistant homes. These long-term stickers just start to get rid of when the adhesive is warmed up. At this point, the sticker will not detach well. Nevertheless, if you require to keep the sticker in one location you'll be happy to know the adhesive is strong enough to last up to five years outside. Clear Vinyl Stickers East Geelong - Most typically gotten parking licenses and other kinds of window stickers, the clear vinyl alternative serves comparable advantages to the detachable vinyl stickers. You can print them to be opaque or translucent depending on your choices. It's up to you whether you desire clear vinyl sticker labels that are white or full-colour. Some premium marketing stickers will be printed on clear vinyl product to develop an impacting "novelty effect".


Custom-made Poster Printing in East Geelong - Posters are developed to be both captivating and helpful. Poster Printing is an effective, quick and reliable way to share your service, brand name and message. As a marketing tool, business posters are as popular as ever. A good quality poster can have excellent visual power in a conference room, reception, workplace, bus stand or store. Position your poster in a prime location that individuals pass every day and you can develop a significant quantity of brand name awareness and can get a number of new clients just from that location's foot traffic. Posters are a fantastic way to promote and market your company, a sale or an event. Affordable to print and simple to show they make a perfect method to promote your brand name and what you need to offer. An individual will likely require to see your brand many times prior to they trust it. The more they see it the more they are fascinated enough to learn more. They will likewise start to get trust in it as it ends up being familiar. Placing a poster in the right position permits individuals and possible clients to actively engage with it. Tactically placing your poster allows a potential client to see it on their commute to and from work, 5 days a week. They end up being accustomed with your brand name. Posters aren't just for outside, you can have them inside your home too. Waiting spaces, notice boards, offices, and receptions are all fantastic places to have indoor posters. Posters can also be used as advertising products. Use them at events or give them to shops or organisations that stock your items.

Booklets & Magazines

Booklets and Magazines in East Geelong - More and more businesses are requiring to publication printing as a means by which to talk to customers, simply envision the reach you could have in and around East Geelong. Well produced DL brochures are an excellent method to interact with your clients - and we have the very best Full Colour Booklet Prices around! A stapled pamphlet permits you to utilise each page individually or we can print throughout the centerfold of the booklet to maximise your design space. Booklets allow you to make the most of the space readily available, and you can easily create a premium appearance & feel with the addition of laminated finishes and a thick matt or gloss laminated cover too! Or show your environmentally conscious side by picking an eco-friendly 100% recycled option. Present your brand name to the world and do not be constrained by simply one or 2 pages - Go ahead and inform the complete story! And if you require a customised size or an even larger series of paper & card to pick from, please get in touch - We're here to help!

Business Cards

Business Cards in East Geelong - Your business card may be the most important advertising tool you have. Those little pieces pack a powerful punch merely since they're affordable and simple to get in front of individuals. Quality business cards are important for each business to have, so ensure your business cards look professional and stand out from the rest with an excellent graphic design, quality printing and special ending up alternatives such as matte, gloss, digital cutting and more. Get a business card style that matches the high level of service your organisation offers. High quality business cards are a fantastic way for every businesses to get noticed, make a good first impression and promote their services & products. The Print Shop Online offers all of this at very competitive rates and remarkably quick turn-around times, no matter how big or little your business card order is. Do you require printed business cards in East Geelong? Take advantage of our years of experience printing business cards and turn your created business cards into reliable marketing tools that assist you stand apart from the crowd. Contact us to learn more about the products, graphic style and business card printing services we have available in East Geelong.

But that's not all the printing we offer, and we invite our new friends in East Geelong to give us a try, you won't be disappointed.

Here's some fascinating information ..

About East Geelong 3219

East Geelong is a residential suburb of Geelong, Victoria, Australia. At the 2016 census, East Geelong had a population of 3,862.

The post office opened on 6 June 1921. An earlier Post Office dating from 1871 was later renamed Moolap West.

The 81-hectare Eastern Park is located in East Geelong. It is Geelong’s premier regional park and an important recreation focus for central Geelong. The Geelong Botanic Gardens are located at its centre.

East Geelong has an Australian Rules football team competing in the Geelong & District Football League. Golfers play at the course of the East Geelong Golf Club at Eastern Gardens.

East Geelong contains a number of heritage listed sites, including:

In the 2016 Census, there were 3,862 people in East Geelong. 82.4% of people were born in Australia. The next most common country of birth was England at 2.9%. 87.4% of people spoke only English at home. The most common responses for religion were No Religion 35.9%, Catholic 28.7% and Anglican 9.5%.

Fisherman’s Pier
Fisherman's Pier
4 reviews
Bay End Of Yarra St, Geelong Victoria 3220
Black Bull Tapas Bar & Restaurant
Black Bull Tapas Bar & Restaurant
6 reviews
48 Moorabool St, Geelong Victoria 3220
Little Creatures Geelong Brewery
Little Creatures Geelong Brewery
18 reviews
Breweries, Bars, Pizza
221 Swanston St, Geelong Victoria 3220
Freckleduck Cafe
Freckleduck Cafe
14 reviews
Cafes, Coffee & Tea Shops, Breakfast & Brunch
131 Malop St, Geelong Victoria 3220
Sailors’ Rest
Sailors' Rest
7 reviews
3 Moorabool St, Geelong Victoria 3220

Mercure Hotel Geelong
Mercure Hotel Geelong
2 reviews
Myers St, Geelong Victoria
Novotel Geelong
Novotel Geelong
3 reviews
14-10 Eastern Beach Rd, Geelong Victoria 3220
Quest Werribee
Quest Werribee
1 review
69 Synnot St, Werribee Victoria 3030
The Mansion at Werribee Park
The Mansion at Werribee Park
4 reviews
Landmarks & Historic Buildings, Tours
Werribee Victoria 3030

Branding Your Business


You have effectively registered your business and have your target audience in sight. People need to know who you are and what you are providing. The primary step would be to start constructing an image which your customers can recognize with.1.

Design your company logo

A logo is that unique sign that an organisation adopts to identify the service, its services and items. An effectively developed logo is simple, simple and distinct to keep in mind. This is established by a graphic designer: ensure you see what he/she has established for others before making any commitment. Think about reading online articles on how to create taglines for your organization. This will complement the logo design.2.

Style and print business cards and letterheads

One of the most common errors individuals make is to begin marketing without the two fundamental products, business cards and letterheads. Both business cards and letterhead style should look tidy, professional and reveal your logo clearly. Constantly inspect if the details in your printouts are understandable.3.

Get an expert e-mail address

If you are running a company using individual emails such as your Yahoo or Gmail account, please refrain. Thinking about the cost of purchasing domain registration and hosting (a technical term simply meaning a World Wide Web address plus some area to keep your e-mails and site files) has drastically reduced over the years, owning a web address for your business and e-mails reflecting this address has ended up being a requirement.4.

Design a website

Another essential tool of this age is a website. Gone are the days when you used to carry your portfolio everywhere. You can now know about your service available to anybody in the world simply by having a website. An appropriately developed and marketed website is bound to bring in terrific business chances that would otherwise have avoided you.5.

Develop Brochures

Remaining in the info age, individuals are bombarded by info almost everywhere. It would be very handy the next time you opt for a meeting to leave a pamphlet which summarises your company and items in a clear and succinct method. Please guarantee the graphic designer uses your business logo design and colours the correct method and the print is legible.Successful completion of

these steps is not completion, however its a good start to let your customers understand who you are and what you and/or your items mean. This brand-new identity will also be used to marketing products like t-Shirts, mugs, brochures, posters, banners and so on

An appropriately branded company delights in many benefits such as client loyalty, self-confidence, and trust.

A logo design is that unique symbol that an organisation adopts to identify the organization, its services and items. Both business cards and letterhead style need to look tidy, professional and reveal your logo plainly. If you are running a company using individual emails such as your Yahoo or Gmail account, please refrain. You can now have information about your service available to anyone in the world simply by having a site.


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